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Sharing Music and Singing

Music and Meditation

“If you can sing divine songs most soulfully,

you are bound to get the same results

as from your sublime meditation.”

Sri Chinmoy~ The Source of Music pg. 53


As a musician and singer, I can attest to the power of music as a vehicle to uplift your consciousness and create a deep sense of inner peace.

On those tough days when it is difficult to still the mind during meditation, singing a few soulful, spiritual songs gives me the inner peace and poise to open my heart, quiet my mind, and once again feel harmony with the world.

As a teacher, my greatest joy is in sharing music. And one of my favourite ways of sharing music is with seekers at our meditation classes.

At the classes, I spend about 15 minutes teaching a few simple spiritual songs that anyone can sing, and then everyone in the class sings together.

When I ask if anyone in the class is a singer or musician, the usual response is blank stares and looks of terror. I can almost hear people thinking;

“Oh no, she’s going to ask us to sing. I can’t sing!”

Yet in every class willingness overcomes fear, and the music that is created is sweet and joyful and helps to open the heart in order to facilitate a deeper meditation.


“When we sing, we embody and become the power of music.

This power has a free access to the universal heart.”

Sri Chinmoy~ The Source of Music pg. 89


The peace and sweetness that you get from singing is a feeling that you remember forever, and it can also be a tool that you can take with you wherever you go to uplift your mind and open your heart.

If you would like to experience the joy of sharing spiritual music in a meaningful way, you are warmly invited to join one of our meditation classes. Just leave your name and contact information on our contact list, and someone will connect with you soon about our next class.

“Let us not try to understand music with our mind.

Let us not even try to feel it with our heart.

Let us simply and spontaneously allow the music-bird to fly in our heart-sky.

While flying it will unconditionally reveal to us what it has, and what it is.

What is has is Immortality’s message.

And what it is, is Eternity’s passage.”

Sri Chinmoy~ The Source of Music pg. 90


Purnakama (the author of this article) is a member of a musical group called Sangit Surabhi which performs the music of Sri Chinmoy, as in the link below:

Sangit Surabhi performs in New York City

Additional musical arrangements by Purnakama.


The book quoted in this article, The Source of Music, (by Sri Chinmoy), is available to music-lovers here (courtesy of Amazon Canada).


(article by Purnakama Rajna)

Finding Joy through Meditation

“True inner joy is self-created.

It does not depend on outer circumstances.

A river is flowing in and through you

Carrying the message of joy.

This divine joy is the sole purpose of life.”

  -Sri Chinmoy



The very word makes one think of blossoming springtime with its bright sunny days full of hope and promise.

And indeed, this what true joy feels like inside the heart. Even if the outer weather is dark and gloomy, when you experience true joy, the inner weather feels like eternal springtime. This joy is not dependent on outer circumstances; on whether you won the lottery, or landed your dream job, but rather it is a spontaneous feeling, an inexplicable inner thrill.

But how can one achieve this feeling of true joy, retain this joy once achieved, and use this joy to help us in our everyday lives?




“The ever mounting flame of my heart’s aspiration-cry

is the source of my life’s ever increasing joy and delight.”


-Sri Chinmoy


One of the most powerful ways to experience joy is through meditation. In fact it is one of my favorite by-products of meditation. One does not need to run off to a cave or an ashram to spend hours and hours in silence in order to experience joy. As a beginner, even 15-20 minutes once or twice a day can produce positive results.  I believe that God rewards even small efforts if you are sincerely seeking to get in touch with a deeper part of yourself, which is connected to the divine. Just the simple act of trying to silence your mind (even if you are not quite successful) can be of tremendous benefit.

Many people who attempt to meditate make the mistake of analyzing their meditation with their mind. They believe that if they were not able to shut off their mind completely, then they were not successful, but this is a mistake. One should not judge a meditation with their mind, but by their joy; how the meditation made them feel.


“You will find no joy in your mind-cave,

no matter how many times a day you enter it.”


-Sri Chinmoy


Many times I have gone to meditation with all of my worldly cares swirling around in my head and the meditation seems difficult. It seems like I was hardly able to still my mind at all, yet when I am finished I am filled with joy and energy, and my mind has a completely new outlook on my so called worldly problems. Nothing has outwardly changed, yet my entire being is surcharged with joy which makes my outer problems seems manageable.

Try using meditation as a powerful tool to create more joy in your life. There is nothing to lose, but much to gain.


 Article by Purnakama Rajna