Free meditation classes in Winnipeg

Welcome to, a site maintained by the Winnipeg Sri Chinmoy Center. Since 1986 our members have been offering free meditation workshops and classes in Winnipeg. Thousands of people have benefitted from these classes by acquiring tools that help them achieve calmer, happier, and more meaningful lives. We welcome you to join them.



Thank you for your interest in our free meditation courses that are offered about three times a year.

Our next series of classes will begin in May/June 2020. Dates and times TBA.

Classes will be taught by Shishir Pauk who recently spent 6 weeks teaching meditation classes in Europe, Indonesia and the Ukraine, and Purnakama who is a teacher, singer and musician.

Please enter your name and phone number on the contact form and we will contact you once we know the exact location and times. We are keeping all the names and phone numbers and will definitely call you when we have the details. Thank you for your patience.

In the meantime, please visit our site and the links to give you more information and get you started.


About Our Meditation Classes.

All our classes are offered free of charge from beginning to end. It is Sri Chinmoy’s philosophy that inner peace is our birthright and thus one should never be charged a fee to find it. Meditation should be shared, not sold.

Intro to Meditation.

How to get started and some useful tips.